Personal Financial Management

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Relocation Assistance Program

The Relocation Assistance Program provides a continuum of relocation programs and services appropriate to service members and their families whether relocated CONUS or OCONUS.

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Sexual Assault Prevention & Response

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response programs primary goals are to prevent sexual assault from happening in our community and to support victims when an assault is reported.

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Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

Out of an abudance of caution and in an effort to practice social distancing, the Fleet & Family Support Center offices are closed and the staff will be working remotely. 

Please call 202-685-0229 for more information and assistance. 

Please visit the NSA Washington FFR COVID-19 page for more information and updates.


The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) provides information and training to ensure Service Members leaving active duty are prepared for their next step in life, whether pursuing additional education, finding employment in the public or private sector, or starting their own business.

·  TAP includes the 3-Day core classes and 2 day individual training tracks focused on Employment Track (DOLEW), Education Track (MY Education) Vocational Track (Career and Exploration), and Entrepreneurship Track (Boots to Business).

·  All Service members who are separating, retiring, or being released from a period of at least 180 days of active duty must complete three requirements:

1. Complete an initial counseling (IC) assessment schedule with command career counselor or FFSC transition manager.

2. Complete pre-separation counseling to start discussing and developing an Individual Transition Plan (ITP) and identify their career planning needs (schedule with command career counselor or FFSC transition manager). 

3. Complete the mandatory TAP Core curriculum: DOD Transition Day MyTransition, MOC Crosswalk, Finance, VA Benefits Brief and Employment Fundamentals (EFCT) workshops. Attend individual 2 day training track (see above BOLD) unless exempt.

4. Complete mandatory CAPSTONE appointment (TAP program completion verification of CRS met, 180-90 days before end of service date)  

·  TAP is delivered in classroom environments and is also available online to Service Members through    

·  Prior to separation or retirement, all eligible Service Members must meet the Career Readiness Standards (CRS).   Participation in the TAP curriculum is mandatory and ensures Service Members meet their CRS. Please feel free to reach out to us with questions or concerns.

·  The 21st Century Career Options and Navy Skills Evaluation (CONSEP) program. CONSEP gives you the opportunity to gather and understand information as you analyze your options to continue your service in the Navy or pursue a civilian career. 

Contact your Command Career Counselor (CCC) or local Fleet and Family Support Center for more information about available CONSEP classes.

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