NRL Fitness Center

Out of an abudance of caution and in an effort to practice social distancing, the Unmanned Fitness Centers are closed until further notice. 

Please note the Unmanned Fitness Centers should be secured. They will not be cleaned or restocked with cleaning supplies during this closure.

Please visit the NSA Washington FFR COVID-19 page for more information and updates.


This Fitness Center features:

Cardio Equipment

  • Treadmills
  • Cross Trainers
  • Upright and Recumbent Bikes
  • Rowing Machine
  • Stair Climber

Strength Training Equipment Provided

  • Universal Cable Machine
  • Selectorized Strength Equipment (leg press, squat machine, shoulder press, chest press, lat pulldown, back row, bicep, tricep, abdominal crunch)
  • Chin/Dip Assist Machine

Free Weight Equipment

  • Dumbbells (5-100 lbs)